19 March 2014

5 Questions

Variety is the spice of life as they say, I haven't had many experiences lately that have been worthy of mentioning even in a passing fashion so instead I've been spending a lot of time reading blogs and commenting. Jane over at deluminators posted these questions to her followers and I thought it might be nice to answer them since I don't say that much about my everyday life.

♠︎ Last TV show and/or movie you watched, last book you read, last song you listened to? 
Last TV show I watched was "What Not To Wear" on Netflix.
Last movie I watched was "300 Rise of an Empire"
Last song I listened to was "Stay - Henry Krinkle"

♠︎ What did you eat for breakfast this morning? How did it compare to what your ideal breakfast would be? 
Some kind of fried food and or chocolate...

♠︎ What's something you're looking forward to in a) a week b) a year? 
I am looking forward to facilitating my first all day training group at work in a week, and in a year I am looking forward to hopefully visiting Los Cabos

♠︎ What's your usual coffee order? And if you don't drink coffee: how do you take your tea? 
I don't really drink coffee or tea all too much, Diet Coke on the other hand...

♠︎ Post a selfie! Do you have a "selfie face"?
I don't really take too many pictures of myself, this is the first one I snapped it about 6 months this weekend at the pool:
I try to take pictures from the side or at an angle because I don't like the way my face looks dead on, I also don't like to smile too widely because I think it makes my round face look too fat and my cheeks like a chipmunks. 

What about you?

18 March 2014

A trip to Sephora

stila color match bronzer || sephora midnight baked palate || sephora matte finish lipstick no2 || the weekender makeup bag (not pictured)

I haven't been on a make up haul for a few months and I definitely haven't had a good eyeshadow palate in a very long time. I went to Sephora after dinner at Brio. I love the shades of the palate and the fact that they have a shimmer finish, I usually stick to matte products so it ads a nice change to my go to make up looks. 

Also, this color match bronzer is PERFECT, just the right amount of pigmentation to blend out without looking like a street walker. I haven't had a chance to test the longevity of the products yet, today I spent my day slumming around the condo watching Netflix and conditioning my hair but I'm back to work tomorrow after a nice six day long vacation so I've been pampering myself!

16 March 2014

OPI Gel Polish Review

I had my first experience with gel polish yesterday. I had my reservations about it for a few reasons:

I like to change my polish almost everyday day and gel lasts (when applied correctly) for weeks.
It takes a long time to remove
It requires apparatus (UV Light)

You can't interchange regular polish and gel polishes successfully, that means two whole different sets of polish to buy!

Anyway, I had to use gel out of necessity after my nails were extremely damaged in an ill fated trip last November around the time of my birthday to a Nail Salon in Scottsdale, AZ. This woman was the worst nail technician I have EVER had. To make a long story short, right now the area that she "buffed" is so thin and weak that I can bend my nails at 90 degree angles and not feel a thing.

My hope is that the gel will provide a strong enough coating to allow the nail to grow out without the breaks I've been having. I've also started taking these vitamins upon the recommendation of a co-worker with the thickest and healthiest nails I've ever seen so we shall see how these work.

Anyway onto the review: 

What I used:
A kit similar to this purchased from Sally's
OPI Bond Aid here
OPI "Have you heard of Van Gough" gel polish as my main color
OPI "Her majesty's secret service" gel polish as my accent nail

1. Before application I prepped my nails in my usual routine; cleaning, cutting cuticles, buffing (extremely lightly in my case). The only extra step was to apply the bonding agent with a brush before moving onto the process of painting my nails.

2. Application of the base coat was extremely simple, the consistency was lovely, no lumps and it went on like a dream. It only takes 30-60 seconds to cure under the UV lamp before your nail is ready to paint on the color you have chosen.

3. Application of the gel colors was also extremely simple, I used a small crush dipped in the gel polish remover to clean up the edges of my nails before placing them under the lamp to cure, I only needed two coats as advised in the instructions to achieve a complete streak free even coverage.

4. Finally, applying the top coat was, like the rest of the process, fast and simple. I sealed the free edge of my nails and placed them under the UV light for good measure before finishing the manicure with the "cleansing" agent provided and voila! I have smooth, professional looking nails that don't look as if they belong to a lady with a fugal disease.

I wish I had taken some more before and during pictures but I didn't know that I was going to turn this into a review when I first started them. So far I have had no chipping, cracking or lifting of the polish, I have been for a 2 hour long swim at the local gym and soaked in the Jacuzzi and they look good as new!

Verdict: I am now IN LOVE with Gel Polish. If you want a perfect looking manicure purchase a kit or hit your local nail salon now.